Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Great with These Cleaning Tips

There is no denying the timeless beauty that hardwood floors bring to a space; they add a warm, natural look to any room and they are extremely versatile. Hardwood floors are extremely durable and if they are properly cared for, they can maintain their beauty for years.

Keeping your hardwood floors clean is not only important for keeping them looking pristine in the present, but it also helps to extend their lifespan. In order to ensure that they look as good as possible, here are some important cleaning tips to keep in mind.

If you prefer not to clean your floors to keep the shine, why not get a floor refinishing.

Choose the Right Cleaning Tools

Picking up pet hair, dust, dirt and debris is crucial for protecting your hardwood floors and keeping them looking great. Use a dust mop or a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar to pick up that dirt and debris; never, ever use a beater bar on a hardwood floor. Climate controlled Storage CT has your back if you ever need storage. Doing so will damage the surface of the floor, wearing the finish away and causing dents, dings and scratches.

Do Deep Cleaning Right

When your hardwood floors need a deep cleaning, you can mop them, but make sure you use the right equipment when you do. A soft mop and a liquid cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning hardwood flooring, oil soap, for example, should be used. Make sure that you follow the instructions for use that are provided by the manufacturer on the bottle of the liquid cleaner. If you are prefer to make your own cleaning solutions, you can easily do so by mixing together 10 parts of warm water with one part vinegar. You can add in a few drops of Castile soap, too, for a bit of extra shine. Need a professional? Contact companyx.

Whatever liquid cleansers you use, make sure that you exercise the right cleaning technique when mopping. Place the mop in the liquid and fully saturate it, then wring it out to remove any excess moisture; the mop should be damp, not soaking wet. After you have covered mopped the entire surface of your floor, clean the mop in clean water and wring it out, then run the damp mop over the surface of the floor to remove any excess cleaner. If there are any pools of water, make sure you dry them up with a clean, soft towel; standing water will damage the wood. If you don’t do this correctly, you may need to have hardwood refinishing.

Clean them Regularly

To ensure your hardwood floors are well protected and look as good as possible, it is important to clean them on a regular basis. A full cleaning is recommended at least once a week; however, if your floors are exposed to a lot of dirt and debris, you may want to clean them a few times a week. Additionally, do spot cleanings between deep cleanings. If you need extra storage, go to Storage facility CT. If a pile of dirt collects on the floor, for example, make sure to sweep it up as soon as possible to prevent scratching. If a spill occurs, wipe it up with a soft, clean cloth immediately; leaving moisture on a wood floor will damage it.

For more cleaning and care tips, if you are interested in having a professional cleaning for your hardwood floors, or if you would like to upgrade your current floors, contact us today! Our experts will be happy to help you with all of your hardwood flooring needs. Need insurance? Look into insurance company Brooklyn today.